All the teachers are carefully trained in our philosophy. Our curriculum specialist has a Masters Degree from Harvard in curriculum development.

Why come to us over the competition in Salisbury?
  Sylvan, for example,charges the same prices for one teacher tutoring 2 - 4 students at the same time. We offer one-on-one undivided attention for approximately the same price. Our competition charges a much higher rate for the same type testing.
Why is one-on-one the right ratio for your child?
  We have individual, especially designed rooms whereas Sylvan offers one large room with many tables. If you prefer fewer distractions for your child, we are the school for you. Also, your child does not have to compete for individual attention.
What do we offer that "back yard" tutors do not?
  We offer regular assessment and evaluation of your child's progress. This way we can all see where we are gaining and where we are not. Adjustments can be made anytime, since we are one-on-one. If a "back yard" tutor has to be out, your child's program will suffer from a lack of consistency. We offer consistency.
What do we offer that you cannot get from free tutoring at your child's school?
  Our curriculum specialist has a Master's Degree from Harvard in Curriculum Development. Our tutoring programs are powerful and carefully designed. We set goals and achieve measurable gains.
What should I bring to the initial free consultation?
  Bring copies of any school records you have (EOG or other Standardized tests, report cards, samples of work, etc.). Bring a method of payment for the testing fee of $400.00: credit card, check or cash. Also, bring your family schedule, because we will need your child for one hour and then they need to have a plan to leave (or wait quietly for one hour while we still meet). We encourage you to invite anyone that helps you raise your child to the two hour meeting. Sometimes we have mom and dad. Sometimes it is mom and grandmother. Sometimes it is mom, ex-husband and an aunt. You decide who needs to be involved, and who will support your child's new game plan for success.