Your child deserves a consultation now!!

Here are the steps:
1. Call or contact us to schedule your consultation in advance
2. Have credit card information available
3. Send us your child’s records
4. Be on time for your consultation
5. Enjoy the benefits of the H3LT ™

Beatrice Hair offers you academic and behavior modification consultations for your child. The cost is $100.00 for 30 minutes of phone consultation which includes her time to thoroughly review of your child’s records before the consultation. Once you contact the Salisbury Tutoring Academy at 704-633-8207, you will be scheduled for your phone consultation. The next step is that you mail, email or fax your child’s report cards, standardized test scores and any other relevant school records from the last three years to:

Salisbury Tutoring Academy
818 Corporate Circle
Salisbury, NC 28147

Or email to

Or fax to 704-633-8206

1. If you already have your specific goals in mind, the consultation will be more effective.
2. Having read H3LT: The Hair Three-Legged-Table Solution for Education is also recommended for the UP-Front Power Meeting to work best.

Terms and conditions apply and are considered binding once the consultation fee is paid.

1. All of your child’s records will be held in confidence and under lock and key until you ask us dispose of them. We will only save them if you wish to consider further consultation beyond the original conversation.
2. All consultations must be pre-paid by credit card. Mrs. Hair only reserves her time for pre-paid consultations.
3. The Salisbury Tutoring Academy is invested in protecting the intellectual property of the Salisbury Tutoring Academy Franchise and Beatrice Hair. It is considered a violation of the consultation for the information to be used by any other tutoring businesses, tutoring franchises or private tutors. Fines are $3000.00 and up and will be automatically billed and drafted from the credit card for any violations.
4. A second student will require a completely separate consultation. Only one student will receive Mrs. Hair’s attention at a time per scheduled appointment.
5. If your child lives in Salisbury, NC or in a 50 mile radius, consultation and testing is offered on location at 818 Corporate Circle only. Phone consultations have been created exclusively to provide parents from all over the world access to Beatrice Hair’s H3LT ™ technology.
6. Absolutely no inappropriate language will be tolerated.
7. No part of the consultation fee is refundable and no credit will be allocated for missed meetings.
8. The H3LT™ consultation is created to support the parent leg of the three-legged-table.
9. This consultative program is not a substitute for our thorough K-12 franchised program design and three-legged-table platforms.
10. There are no quick fixes in education.