Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Class

Did you know that Type 2 Diabetes is reversible? There is a better plan than to have to check your blood daily and take more and more medications while not healing yourself. Call us to learn more about our three month one-on-one class which will help you find the cause of your disease and what you can do to completely reverse it. We have used our H3LT® to help thousands of people modify their habits. Make the phone call that will save your life. We will work with you and a medical doctor to transform your life forever! 704-633-8307.

The Salisbury Tutoring Academy

We offer skype tutoring once a week for one hour.
We guide the families into what they need to do five days a week.
Call us to learn more.
All skype classes are offered between 5pm-8pm on
Monday and Tuesday Nigh

Christian Roberts received $460,000 in scholarshipd to law school and is now a practicing attorney.
He attributes his success to all the new habits he formed while being tutored at the
Salisbury Tutoring Academy.

Christian has overcome ADHD and has come to visit our school to inspire all our current students.

Christian Roberts-Summa Cum Laude

The Salisbury Tutoring Academy sponsored a 5K
Nazareth Children’s Home in Rockwell, NC
(across the street from the YMCA)

October 11 at 2 PM
Registration is at

Beatrice Hair won first place in her age division.
Salisbury Tutoring Academy instills a winning attitude in STA students.

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Dr. Angelou offers Mrs. Hair much success with her book H3LT.

----- Author Dr. Maya Angelou
Wake Forest University

Congratulations to our Star Student!

Jared Mathis has been named 2017 STAR STUDENT of The Salisbury Tutoring Academy. He says:

"When applying for college, students need to do well on the SAT. My scores were too low for any engineering program. But thanks to the Salisbury Tutoring Academy, I boosted my scores enough to be accepted into the engineering program at UNC-Charlotte. I now have a job as a Civil Engineer with opportunities for promotions!"

Jared graduated from East Rowan High School and UNC-Charlotte. His hobbies are hunting, fishing, church-league softball, and traveling.

Devan Purvis is a 2011 graduate of Jesse C. Carson High School and a graduate of Catawba College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Justice and a Minor in Psychology. She received scholarships for running on the Catawba Cross Country Team and Catawba Pride Marching Band. One of her passions is daily exercise, especially running. Another passion is volunteering in church ministries. She had the opportunity to represent the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 96 in three parades as their Queen.

“In my college years I continued to use the study skills and habits that were taught to me by Mrs. Hair and the Salisbury Tutoring Academy.” Devan Purvis STAR STUDENT 2015

We served Devan for nine years and are so proud of all her many accomplishments! We kept her ahead at all times!

Body Wisdom: Natural Health in You
In addition to continuing to offer her award winning tutoring program, Mrs. Hair has now made her health program available on, and iTunes.
Beatrice believes that an overload of toxins in our food and environment are negatively affecting our health, and she believes this book can help anyone begin a new path toward health and vitality. Beatrice has not eaten any sugar or genetically modified foods in seven years, and has found that this was an easy adjustment to make. With the help of Body Wisdom: Natural Health in You™, she hopes it will make the transition easy for anyone who believes they need fewer toxins in their lives. She uses her trademarked Hair Three Legged Table® to help her readers succeed in modifying their food habits. Beatrice Hair LOVES GOOD FOOD, and refuses to be deprived.

Beatrice Hair has a degree in Health and Sports Science from Wake Forest University and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. She has written this curriculum to help others detox their lives. To learn more visit

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The party was special because it was everyone’s first organic party, and it was Salisbury’s first organic party. TRAIL BLAZING ORGANIC PARTY- A FIRST FOR EVERYONE

Our guests enjoyed cakes, pies, cookies, parfaits, puddings, macaroons, cheesecakes, ice cream, scones, Nutella, chocolates, gelatins, etc. that are all sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, toxins free and delicious!! I even had my grandmother’s birthday cake–made with modified ingredients— sugar free and dairy free and delicious. The chicken did not have antibiotics or hormones. There were no preservatives or colorings or any chemicals at all in any of the food! The vegetables were free of pesticides.

See pictures from the Organic Party

Beatrice Hair
Meets President Obama
Beatrice Hair and her business award earn a
spot on the evening News 14

Beatrice Hair and her business award earn a spot on the evening News 14

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read our latest national coverage!!

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Senator Elizabeth Dole

Heartiest congratulations to Beatrice Hair on the publication of her first book. Parents and teachers, and most importantly, students with ADHD, will all benefit from the experience and expertise she shares in this book.

The book is now available: